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Meet the Commsaurs

Commsaur: {noun} a very large, mischievous dinosaur with a love of community and a knack for surprises.

Have you met the original Commsaur? If not, say hi! She's been around since the early days of Commsor, and she's the star of our NFT project. All our NFTs will be modeled after her (although they'll all have their own characteristics, style, and dino-mite personality).

Commsaur exists to provide education, empowerment, and experimentation for those exploring, learning, and building community in the world of web3.

The Commsaurs
ETH Rock


NFT need-to-knows

Commsaurs are digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain, each randomly generated from 150 unique hand-drawn properties. A smart contract ensures no more than 3,333 Commsaurs will ever exist. Commsaurs are minted as ERC-721A tokens and their metadata is stored on IPFS. Each of these community-loving creatures costs 0.033 ETH to mint.

Each Commsaur is randomly generated, with its own combination of colors, headwear, glasses, expressions, outfits, and backgrounds. Each one will be truly unique. There are something like 3 billion possible dinosaur combinations — and only 3,333 will ever exist.

How to Mint Guide

Commsaur Egg

How Special Is My Commsaur?

First of all, your prehistoric pal is seriously rawr-some. There are only a few thousand of them that exist in the whole wide world, and no Commsaur is quite like yours.

That said, some attributes are rarer than others. These attributes all contribute to your Commsaur's overall rarity. Certain items, like a fishbowl hat or a fossil-filled torso are rarer than others —  say, a basic cap or a set of headphones.

Commsaur Rarities 01
Rarity Saur 01
Rarity Saur 02
Rarity Saur 03
Commsaur Rarities 02
Rarity Saur 04
Rarity Saur 05
Rarity Saur 06


Total Dinos
Skin Types


Unlike the other dinos, the mythical Commsaurs were not randomly generated. These super special dinos were individually designed, and feature traits you won’t see on the other Commsaurs. Only 8 of them exist in the whole dinoverse — will you be lucky enough to nab a mythical?

Mythical Dino 01Mythical Dino 02Mythical Dino 03Mythical Dino 04Mythical Dino 05Mythical Dino 06Mythical Dino 07Mythical Dino 08

The Big Picture

Here's what's on the cards for our NFT project in the coming months.

Leave Leaves

For each NFT minted, we'll plant 5 trees to offset the carbon footprint. That's enough greenery to feed your commsaur for a while!

Dino Wallet

Commsaurs are herd animals.
We'll take a tasty leaf out of their book and establish our dino wallet to put our collectors at the heart of our herd, and make decisions together.

All aboard!

Our NFTs and connected community were created in a way that enables community builders to join the Web3 space.

Merch, please

Off the screen and into your hands — we're bringing your prehistoric pals to life with some dino-mite merchandise.

New friends

The commsaurs won't be the only ones of their kind for much longer... We've got big plans to expand the dinoverse.

Community Funding

Community is at the heart of our mission, so we'll be investing funds back into
community projects.

Climate Impact

Thanks to all Commsaur supporters, we've offset this much CO₂

We pledge to offset the carbon footprint of our Commsaur project. For every dino bought, 5 trees will be planted by Eden Reforestation Projects.

We've partnered with Ecologi and Gold Standard for this part of the Commsaur project, both of which have exceptional and rigorous standards, to ensure we fulfill the necessary climate impact and Sustainable Development Goals.

That means greener pastures — and a whole lotta trees — for every Commsaur.

Trees Planted


Trees Planted
C02 Offset


Tonnes of CO₂