Community for Community Builders


It’s no secret that community plays a huge part in the web3 world. Whether a protocol, NFT, or a DeFi project, nearly every project has some form of community.

While community is undoubtedly a critical component of web3, there is still a significant lack of education, content, and definition around the space. We’re here to set the golden standard alongside our community, providing education, empowerment, experimentation, and more.

Buying a Commsaur is funding better communities for everyone in web3.

Who are we?

We’re the team behind Commsor and The Community Club. Over the past two years, we’ve built The Community Club into the go-to place for community builders from various backgrounds and industries. As a result, members have been able to level up their careers, meet other community builders, find new jobs, and generally have fun with other people doing similar work to them.

Through The Community Club, we’ve launched projects such as:

C School - a series of educational programs, both cohort-based and self-paced, providing various content for both new and senior community builders.

Salary Reports - empowering community managers through open salary information.

Mentorship - providing guidance and mentorship between experienced and novice community managers.

Our goal with the Commsaur project is to bring the same approach to web3 community builders while also exploring and learning what community means in web3. While there may be some differences in approach for building these different types of communities, we firmly believe community builders can learn from both sides.

web2 community 🤝 web3 community

Our Mission

Commsaur exists to provide education, empowerment, and experimentation for those exploring, learning, and building community in the world of web3.


There is much room to build better community management education for professional and casual community builders alike. From funding structured educational content to more casual content like AMAs, events, and deep dives, we want to build the best web3 community content and education.


Community managers deserve empowerment for the incredible work they do every single day. Unlike many other Discords, the Commsaur community is structured to provide natural spaces for honest conversations and connections between members. Think of the members of Commsaur as an extension of your community team, friends you can lean on for questions, support, insight, and more.

Let’s enable community managers to empower community managers.


The best way to figure out how to do something is to try things, iterate, and ultimately learn through actions. As experienced community builders, our goal is to learn alongside you as we build this community, share what works and doesn’t work, and ultimately build better communities together.

The Future

Dino Wallet

We know that Commsaur will likely be their first foray into anything web3 community-related for many community managers. We want community builders from various industries and backgrounds to experience their first mint, their first snapshot vote, their first airdrop, and more. The best way to learn from and understand a new space is to immerse yourself in it — Commsaur is a way for them to do that with our support.

As part of this, we will launch a Dino Wallet post-launch, where Commsaur holders will help decide how we best direct project funding to various education and community-building initiatives.


Post-launch, we will also be releasing $DINO tokens. Commsaur holders will earn these tokens and spend them to access various limited-time merch drops, content, events, and more.

How to Join?

Whether you're actively building community, community curious, or just want to support all the wonderful community mangers putting the work in on the communities you love, you can support our mission by joining us on Discord or following us on Twitter.